Take the first steps toward planting a new disciple-making community by taking an assessment, connecting with a Multiply Network Rep, gaining PAOC credentials, and familiarizing yourself with the Multiply Network.


  Take the 2-minute church planting quiz

10 questions. That’s all we need to get you started on the path that’s right for you. 


Take an online assessment  

You've already taken the 2-minute church planting quiz, but now you'll need to get more in-depth. Taking an assessment is a key component in discovering your strengths and weaknesses as a church planter.


Confirm your PAOC Credentials  

The Multiply Network provides national leadership to church multiplication in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  In order to plant a new PAOC community, you will need to be credentialed as a PAOC minister.


  Your District Multiply Network Rep will be in touch  


Schedule a meeting with your District Multiply Network Rep

Each district has its own pathway to starting a new disciple-making community. Your District Multiply Network Rep will help walk you through the next steps of starting in your district.


Find Stories & Resources

Every month, we’re posting new videos and blogs which will help you learn more about Multiply Network, our leaders, and other church planters.

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